Sylvan Heights sign

Sylvan Heights Condominiums

7600 SW Barnes Rd. Portland, OR 97225

Office Mailing Address

7600 SW Barnes Road
Portland OR 97225-6217

Phone Numbers

Office: (503) 297-7641
Community Association Partners, Daytime Office 503-546-3400
After Hours Emergency: (503) 546-3400

Open Office Hours

Mon, Wed and Fri, 1pm - 5pm

(Please use daytime mobile if not in office)


Colleen Rathka, Community Manager

Board of Directors

Judi Clark, Chair - Term 2018-2020

Rhonda Evans, Treasurer - Term 2018-2020

Billy Schmitz, Secretary - Term 2017-2019

Brenda Wierschin, Director - Term 2017-2019

Sarah MacDonald, Director - Term 2018-2020


About Us

Sylvan Heights is a self-managed condominium association. Our board is comprised of five homeowner members who were elected to provide direct guidance, policy and oversight of daily operations. We have a full-time, on-site manager who is employed by the association to implement the policy and objectives of the board. Having an on-site manager prevents a disconnect that some communities experience with off-site management. We look forward to welcoming new members, and to assisting all residents to find timely solutions to any issue that may arise. Community involvement through committees established by the board, and open forums for members at board meetings, help to ensure that all owners have a voice in the governance and future planning of our community. We are here for you!

Useful Links

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